Monday, September 15, 2008

IMPORTANT !! DNR MEETING 9-16-08 Port Angeles Library

Thanks Scott for a heads up and reminder on this, just wanted to add a few more tid bits of information as to why it is important to show your face at this meeting. As a group of mountainbikers we want to show that our presence cannot be ignored so now's our chance to be heard, also apparently the new director of recreation is more bike friendly (worked with the Capitol Forest folks). Why this new focus on recreation? Help DNR chart a course for recreation in Washington

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will be looking to user groups and individuals to help create a new vision for recreation on DNR-managed forestlands, aquatic lands and natural areas. Throughout the month of September, DNR will host nine workshops across the state to gather input from interested citizens.

We invite you to come share your thoughts on the direction of recreation in Washington . Where do you recreate? What kinds of recreation activities do you enjoy? How easily can you access recreation on state-managed lands? Drop by various topic stations at one of the workshops, talk to staff and provide your thoughts on these and other questions.

DNR will bring your answers to these and other questions to the newly formed Sustainable Recreation Work Group. This group was established by the 2008 Legislature to assist DNR in developing a long-term vision that ensures safe, sustainable, and enjoyable outdoor recreation on DNR-managed land.

The last time the state officially addressed recreation issues on DNR-managed lands was 37 years ago with the passage of the Multiple Use Act in 1971. This act is based on the concept of state lands being available for multiple uses where appropriate, including various types of recreation. Since then, the face of recreation has changed significantly beyond what anyone envisioned. New forms of recreation have come on the scene including paragliding, mountain biking and paintball. Motorized off-road vehicle use has more than doubled in the state in the last 10 years. And, the overall volume of visitors to state lands has grown dramatically.

The Multiple Use Act still provides a solid foundation for recreation in Washington . Your input will help identify ways to better take into account the changing nature of recreation, pressures from a growing population, and the need to ensure the environmental health of DNR-managed lands.

Look for future e-mail messages with more information about the Sustainable Recreation Work Group, including a Web page address. In the meantime, if you'd like directions to any of the workshops, call Jana Greer at 360-902-1730 or send an e-mail to
Hope to see you all there tomorrow ! - Summer

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