Monday, September 8, 2008

ODS represent at FOCF XC and SD races !

Some riders from ODS decieded to test their skills for the first time at a 15 mile XC race as well as the 6 mile Super D race in Olympia Washington ! Friends of Capital Forest FOCF was the host and they did a wonderful job of keeping us entertained, well fed, and very stoked to say the least ! Check them out at as well as FOCF plays host to a series of races during the year and we were able to hit up the last of their series. It was a blast, the scene was amazing with many familiar faces of those who have made their way over at some point or another to participate in our events as well. I can't say enough about our experience there, the camping area was phenomenal and the trails keep you wanting to come back for more. Representing team ODS was Sean Halberg taking in a 2nd in Sport XC and 7th in SD, Tyler Campbell a 1st in sport XC and a 4th in SD, Summer Northern 1st in sport XC and 5th pro SD and Shawn Sinskie showing up sunday for the SD and taking home 9th for the Expert Class. I will have to say that for a bunch of Downhillers we didn't do too bad representing the XC scene and we all had a blast. Check them out and come with us next year !!!!

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