Monday, September 8, 2008

Meeting Summary

Well that was a productive meeting wasn't it? I'll report that which I remember do to about a 2 1/2 hour length!!
-Laurie (the volunteer coordinator of the Olympic Adventure Route) came and requested our club adopt a 1 1/2 mile section below Kelley Peak. Sean stepped up to be the club leader for this project.
-Wayne Fitzwater was present and shared his bosses reaction to some of the press from the races. Some good, some bad.
-Sean H. brought some info regarding the Mt. Muller enhancement proposed by the National Forest. Please take some time and send in a comment (hopefully in support) of the changes.
-We talked about the Fall Down, but I can't recall who's doing what?? Sorry
-The club trip was brought up and is still planned for the first weekend of October. See Summer for more details.
-Casey & Sean talked about the need to update our insurance shortly.
-The Roundtable. Several of the club members indicated that morale was low amoungst a few members. We had a small group, with most of the core members so we let it out. Tyler even cried. Without getting into all the details, I believe there were a few misconceptions clarified and roles defined. One tangible change is that each meeting will feature a different chairperson. Summer volunteered to lead the next meeting, which includes setting the agenda.

That's all I remember. If I forgot anything important, contact me and I'll let it be known.

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