Friday, June 27, 2008

Car Wash for Lars!!!!!

Well not really. Olympic Dirt Society, NDub Productions and whoever else can chip in, are going to pay for Lars' airfare to ensure that he represents the ODS (and some of his other sponsors...whatever) at the World Cup in Mt. St. Anne and apparently one the following weekend in Bromont. We need him there to kick Lukes ass!!! Anyhow, it looks like it will be about $500-800....ouch! Be creative everyone. I will be talking to a few local businesses to see if they want to contribute. If we all kick in $20 that would help. We do need to get on this because the ticket prices go up as you all know.

Lars used up alot of his resources on his recent trip and he is extremely stoked to be able to continue with this series. I just got off the phone with him and he was kinda speechless last night about it. I think he was about to cry actually...what a fricken sissy!

Anyhow, empty your penny banks and lets start a pile of money. To contribute, either get it to me (Scott), or pledge by e-mail.

Meeting Notes

Good to see everyone last night. It was a fairly productive meeting, here's some quick notes:
-We talked about getting back to organized trail-work days. Every other Thursday, starting next week was the general concensus. We filled out work time sheets for Wayne (are you listening Wayne?).
-We talked about the ODS trip, and didn't come to any decisions. My feeling is that Crankworx might be a good time for the club to pitch in because several people are already going, and more probably would if the club chipped in for a room. I can't go but I'm sure you all will have a great time. Bastards!!!!
-We talked about marking out a sick XC loop (I know I said I was going to do that a couple of weeks ago, but whatever). Maybe a group ride next Thursday night would be a good time to do that?
-Sean reported on the Sadie Creek work party and it sounds like he represented us well.
-We talked about having a party for the next world cup in Mt. St. Anne. I believe it is in late July. We also decided to pledge some cash toward Lars getting out there, more about this in the next post.

The after meeting riding was awsome. There were seven of us, and we did about 4 dh runs followed by the second Kamikazee race. Very fun, very fast! We need to have timed runs down that run...soon!

That's it, see some of you this weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ODS meeting Thursday 26th !

Olympic Dirt Society will be holding our monthly meeting tomorrow Thursday June 26th at Ricks Place Resturant at 6 PM. Feel free to join us during our monthly meeting to find out what we have been up to as well as future plans for our club - activities, fun rides, races, and so on. ALSO, bring your bike for some after meeting entertainment, we'll ride something ! Hope to see you there ! - Summer

Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend activities

Hey just a reminder about Sadie Creek work party. I'm actually heading out Saturday morning and coming back at around 12ish. Anyone want to carpool...? Anyone going...?

Trailwork on Dry Hill Sunday morning, let's build some jumps. I will be ribboning off a new line that will be super sweet in some awsome woods if anyone wants to join in for that. Come early to work and then we'll ride later. Please!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bridge Building

Hey everyone,
Following is an e-mail sent to me through Wayne. This would be a great opportunity to work together with some moto dudes to show that we are on the same page as them, at least to some degree. I believe these people are mainly dirt bike riders rather than quad gods as well, so they actually may have some skills. Ha ha. Anyhow, the organizer (Jay) is a very committed dude and understands our plight with trail user conflicts. If you have any time at all this weekend, try to make it out to Sadie Creek Trailhead and throw around some dirt with them. I am going to go out there Saturday morning until about noon or so.

Without further adoooo.....

Hello to everyone...........hope this finds everybody doing good and dirt bikin' !!!!!

We have set a date for doing some trail work at Sadie Creek trail with the good folks at DNR.
The fun begins at 9 am June 21st at the parking lot/ trailhead (where the poker run starts from).
There will be several of us camping out for the weekend starting Friday night the 20th, with the DNR
crew and anyone else coming in by 9am Saturday to get started. Of course ALL are invited to camp
out for the weekend and I encourage anyone interested to join us. Lots of good campfire lying, bench racing,
and good old fashioned B.S.but, A VERY family friendly atsmophere.

The DNR trail crew has already done an exellent job on most of the trails out there, but there is a section
thru Susie Creek that is still rutted and in need of hardining. AND I here rumor of a new section of trail
out of the parking area to decrease the road riding sections. WAY COOL.
So, please make plans to join us as more hands make lighter work that goes faster and is alot of fun.
Besides we have a reputation to uphold.....DNR thinks our past projects have been some of the best they
have done and they enjoy working with our group. Plus the more voulnteer hours, the better DNR scores
on their grant applications to get more trail and more maintence!!! Basically, the more we do, the more we get.

Please send me an email and let me know if you can be there or be square.

As always, please don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions.
Lets blow DNR away with a huge turn out.......


Monday, June 16, 2008

Quite a week

Well last week the hill got some use. Fluidride hosted 32 high schoolers from the Puget Sound, to a week of riding, eating, riding, eating, and eating. Shawn Sinskie participated quite a bit and is psyched to start something similar around here. The trails are dusty and slick, and hard to work on.

I will be marking a cross-country loop using something old, something new, something borr..... you know. It will be a combination of ribbons and ground paint. The goal is to start refining a super sweet loop or maybe two to incorporate into a race in the next year or so. Tires make the best trails, so please give the routes a chance. I have been machete trail building a bit up there and some of the spurs make pretty sweet XC runs. If you want to take part in the design of these, let me know. I plan to be up there Thursday and Sunday morning.

That's all I got

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last weeks meeting

Well last weeks meeting was not too constructive. Even a fire and a canopy couldn't keep our spirits from being dampened. We utilized the small attendance, and the inclimate weather to justify a trip to Peaks to warm up a bit. Yada yada yada.... I think we should try and have another meeting asap as there are things to discuss and it's been quite a while since we've come together. If you're interested in this happening, start getting in touch with people. This Thursday is an option for me personally.

FYI There is a camp for high schoolers up on the hill this week hosted by Fluidride. I don't know all the details, but watch the newspaper, they may cover it.??


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Press

Monday, June 2, 2008

ODS Meeting

Long time no meet.
Olympic Dirt Society Meeting
June 5th, 6ish
At the fire pit
Topics: Whistler vs. Hood River???
Chairlift committee
Trail constuction list
Next XC event
Meeting followed by some trailwork on Double Bypass Re-route. Bring your favorite jokes.
Come early if you want some extra trailwork time. I (Scott) should be there by about 4:30ish.
Bring your bike in case we want to session the new stuff!