Friday, June 27, 2008

Meeting Notes

Good to see everyone last night. It was a fairly productive meeting, here's some quick notes:
-We talked about getting back to organized trail-work days. Every other Thursday, starting next week was the general concensus. We filled out work time sheets for Wayne (are you listening Wayne?).
-We talked about the ODS trip, and didn't come to any decisions. My feeling is that Crankworx might be a good time for the club to pitch in because several people are already going, and more probably would if the club chipped in for a room. I can't go but I'm sure you all will have a great time. Bastards!!!!
-We talked about marking out a sick XC loop (I know I said I was going to do that a couple of weeks ago, but whatever). Maybe a group ride next Thursday night would be a good time to do that?
-Sean reported on the Sadie Creek work party and it sounds like he represented us well.
-We talked about having a party for the next world cup in Mt. St. Anne. I believe it is in late July. We also decided to pledge some cash toward Lars getting out there, more about this in the next post.

The after meeting riding was awsome. There were seven of us, and we did about 4 dh runs followed by the second Kamikazee race. Very fun, very fast! We need to have timed runs down that run...soon!

That's it, see some of you this weekend.

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