Friday, June 27, 2008

Car Wash for Lars!!!!!

Well not really. Olympic Dirt Society, NDub Productions and whoever else can chip in, are going to pay for Lars' airfare to ensure that he represents the ODS (and some of his other sponsors...whatever) at the World Cup in Mt. St. Anne and apparently one the following weekend in Bromont. We need him there to kick Lukes ass!!! Anyhow, it looks like it will be about $500-800....ouch! Be creative everyone. I will be talking to a few local businesses to see if they want to contribute. If we all kick in $20 that would help. We do need to get on this because the ticket prices go up as you all know.

Lars used up alot of his resources on his recent trip and he is extremely stoked to be able to continue with this series. I just got off the phone with him and he was kinda speechless last night about it. I think he was about to cry actually...what a fricken sissy!

Anyhow, empty your penny banks and lets start a pile of money. To contribute, either get it to me (Scott), or pledge by e-mail.

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