Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bridge Building

Hey everyone,
Following is an e-mail sent to me through Wayne. This would be a great opportunity to work together with some moto dudes to show that we are on the same page as them, at least to some degree. I believe these people are mainly dirt bike riders rather than quad gods as well, so they actually may have some skills. Ha ha. Anyhow, the organizer (Jay) is a very committed dude and understands our plight with trail user conflicts. If you have any time at all this weekend, try to make it out to Sadie Creek Trailhead and throw around some dirt with them. I am going to go out there Saturday morning until about noon or so.

Without further adoooo.....

Hello to everyone...........hope this finds everybody doing good and dirt bikin' !!!!!

We have set a date for doing some trail work at Sadie Creek trail with the good folks at DNR.
The fun begins at 9 am June 21st at the parking lot/ trailhead (where the poker run starts from).
There will be several of us camping out for the weekend starting Friday night the 20th, with the DNR
crew and anyone else coming in by 9am Saturday to get started. Of course ALL are invited to camp
out for the weekend and I encourage anyone interested to join us. Lots of good campfire lying, bench racing,
and good old fashioned B.S.but, A VERY family friendly atsmophere.

The DNR trail crew has already done an exellent job on most of the trails out there, but there is a section
thru Susie Creek that is still rutted and in need of hardining. AND I here rumor of a new section of trail
out of the parking area to decrease the road riding sections. WAY COOL.
So, please make plans to join us as more hands make lighter work that goes faster and is alot of fun.
Besides we have a reputation to uphold.....DNR thinks our past projects have been some of the best they
have done and they enjoy working with our group. Plus the more voulnteer hours, the better DNR scores
on their grant applications to get more trail and more maintence!!! Basically, the more we do, the more we get.

Please send me an email and let me know if you can be there or be square.

As always, please don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions.
Lets blow DNR away with a huge turn out.......


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