Friday, January 9, 2009

ODS Meeting Summary

Well the Cornerhouse seemed to work ok, a bit noisy maybe? Anyhow, here's a quick summary of what happened.
-We talked about the gully on Hill Street, it's potential, etc. I am waiting to hear back from the city to see if we can do something legitimate
-We finally decided on a card design, which will be ordered on Friday. Hopefully we can get them by next week so we can get some people signed up. The stickers are on hold until we check the die-cut option.
-The Dirt Corps is coming over for a ride day on the 18th, weather permitting. Lars suggested that I try to get them out on the 17th for a little trail work party, and I will try to do that.
-I will be up on the hill both Sat and Sun in the am this weekend to start the storm clean-up process. If you have time, come on out. If you have a chainsaw or nice hand saw, bring it.
-We decided on the 22nd of Feb for the Super-D @ the Foothills. At this point, only Shawn and I have committed to putting this on??? We will be doing timed test runs as soon as the snow is gone on the Footy's.
-FRCup #1 is the first weekend of April.
-Spring Shuttler tentatively planned for March 8th.
-Tuesday rides seem to be on hold, Saturdays are in full affect.
That's about it.

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