Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ODS Meeting on January 8th

Same old meeting, new place.
Thanks to Lars, we are going to go to the Cornerhouse for our meeting Thursday. Long gone are the days when you could remember the meeting easily....Ricks @ 6. Now it's....the CorNerHouse at ?? 6ouse...or something. I hope this doesn't hurt attendance.

Directions: Go past Ricks (we all know where that is) on Front St. Continue to the next light (Oak Street) and go right or left. Continue on Oak and go either right or left depending on your previous decision. From there go to Laurel St and go either right or left. Continue until you see Rick's Place. When you do, either look over your left shoulder, or ahead and slightly to the right, and there it is. And oh yeah, I hope you like cheap beer!!!

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