Friday, February 8, 2008

Thursdays meeting wrapped up

okay so we pretty much stayed on task last night following the agenda Casey laid out for the meeting. I will try to sum it up.
Summer took over this blog site and I plan on keeping it updated quite frequently as I gather new info, pics, race and or ride dates. I also plan on adding a link to fluid rides site as to keep you informed on our race series this year.
-We recently had a bulldozer up on our hill to clear a common area at the end of the finish line as well as roughed in a slalom coarse. We will soon have an excavator up there to do the detail work.
-a security issue has come up, we have been seeing alot of quads in our area, there is no exception to their existence on green crow land so if you see them, let them know to leave, if they don't we will have a number of greencrows security which has the potential to issue tickets so more on this later.
-SHUTTLE DAY! okay so we decieded to host a shuttle day MARCH 8th and 9th, this is coming up soon complete with the big U-haul trucks again so spread the word ! I will post the details soon
-FLUID RIDE CUP, first race is held April 4th ,5th and 6th so mark that down on your calendar. for more info go to Fluid rides website
-Speedy Beavers are coming up this weekend so for those of you who want to come check out some hot chicks that rip, that would be this weekend.
-NEXT MEETING will be at Ricks Place on March 6th hope to see you there
-NEXT RIDE will be February 17th 8:30 at the Park and Ride right before the junction Tavern. We will be riding the Olympic Discovery Trail starting at the Elwah bridge
Well that mostly summs it up, you can always call if you have any questions ! CHEERS !

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