Thursday, February 15, 2007

Trail Descriptions

Dry Hill Trails
Port Angeles, WA

How to get there: Highway 101 West thru Port Angeles to a dirt road on the left called Walkabout Road. Go up about 200 yards to a large yellow gate on your right. Here’s where your ride will start.

Trail Descriptions:
XC- A series of cross country oriented trails used to make loops. Some are hard to spot
XC Downhill- A wide and fast mostly downhill trail that connects to Limbo.
Mitchs’ Loop- This is a cross-country trail with freeride elements such as log rides, ladders and a couple of small jumps.
BeeLine- A new up and down trail that gets you from Mitchs’ loop to the top of all the trails. A connector mainly with a couple of jumps.
White Knuckle- This is a downhill only trail. Fast and fairly smooth with no mandatory jumps or stunts. It’s the original dh run. There are two very large gaps, 30+ft.
Railage- Windy twisty off-shoot of White Knuckle. Lots of sweet berms, a couple of optional drops but very steep.
Limbo- More freeride oriented trail that is more technically demanding than fast. Log rides, roll able drops, wood berms, and several jumps.
One Liner- Very tight trail with, as its name implies, one line. There is one small “trail-gap”, other than that it’s all about the cornering.
Pro Course- Technically demanding trail with several drops and jumps highlighted by a large step-down and good-sized step-up.
Cake Walk- Fast and open with one nice hip jump.
4-Cross- A nice mountain-cross course. About 9 doubles, 1 triple & some sweet berms. Even a starting gate.

Disclaimer- These trails are all on Green Crow and Washington State DNR land and are legally built and maintained. We are very lucky to have this area to use and would like it to last into the future. So please, be careful, don’t ride over your head and leave no trace. Also, there are some other users in the area, so be sure to share the trail.


Linda said...

Hey there,
Just wondering where the shuttle rig will drop people off - that is, the trails closest by. Also, how much pushing is there. We're planning on bringing the big bikes, just wondered how much pedaling/hiking we'll need to do beyond the shuttle.


heckler said...

No hiking and very little pedaling at all. You definitely want your big bike. Even if we use some of the upper trails, you'll want it. The truck stops at the top of White Knuckle mostly, but sometimes at the top of XC downhill.