Thursday, February 15, 2007

Directions to Dry Hill

99.999% of you will be coming from the east because there just isn't that much to the west. I will give directions based on you knowing how to get to the Olympic Peninsula. If you need any more directions than this, don't hesitate to contact us via and I will send you some custom directions.

Assuming you've made it to Port Angeles, the directions are as follows.
Follow Highway 101 into town. At Lincoln Street turn left. Follow uphill and around a right hand turn where you will see an Albertsons. Continue on Highway 101 a little more than 3 miles. You will see a dirt road named Walkabout to your left. (there will be event signs) Turn left and follow up to the first road on the right. The gate will be open, so just drive up to the power lines and find a parking spot along the mountain-cross track.