Monday, April 18, 2011

Dry Hill XC Race Brought to you by Olympic Dirt Society

The Course

Dry Hill is well known for its downhill trails, but we have also been building xc trails for a few years. The loop is approximately 8 miles, with 1200 ft. elevation gain per lap. About 1/3 road bed and 2/3 singletrack, this course will surely be fun and technically challenging. After your ride, enjoy a carb reload with spaghetti, homemade sauce, and ceasar salad. The course will be marked for pre-riding on Saturday.

9:00 am

Beginners (Categories #18 - #27)
Locals Only Race

1 Lap

10:30 am

Sport, Clydesdale (Categories #10 - #17, #28)

2 Laps

12:00 pm

Open, Expert (Categories #1 - #9)

3 Laps

3:00 pm

Post Race Pasta Feast

4:00 pm


Register Here


Food & Lodging

We are really looking forward to this and will likely have a few surprises in store. See you all soon.


Joe said...

Hey i'm stoked for the xc in a couple weeks!!
so I've raced dh there and the favored tire seems to be maxxis minions, but is that going to be to slow for xc with climbing and fire roads?
I usually run crossmarx for xc because I like 'em wide but want the solid center line for less rolling resistance, but will they be aggressive enough for your trails?

scott said...

Hey Joe,
I'm running Kenda blue grooves and am real happy with them. There will be very little "mud" and not a ton of road climbing. We have tried to eliminate as much of that as possible. I have also had luck with the Specialized tires that came on my stumpy. The point I guess would be that the minions may be overkill. I'd go light.

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