Monday, April 20, 2009

Start yer mouth a watterin'

Here's the menu from our BBQ dude:
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings Blue Flame BBQ will have ready at 8am hot fresh donuts made on-site and Tully's coffee. The donuts will remain available till 10am. Lunch will consist of sandwiches as before as well as offering salad during lunch time for those who enjoy a meatless lifestyle. Lunch will be ready at 11:30 and go till food runs out. We will prepare for approximately 300 people. Dinner fare will be offered at 4pm, consisting of chicken or ribs with salad, pit roasted baby red spuds and cold drink. For those who prefer steaks and salmon, we will have on hand enough for about 50 people unless early orders cause for more supplies to be delivered . We should wrap up around 7pm .

Be sure to support him if you can, he's stoked to be a part of it all.

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