Monday, November 17, 2008

Well We Were Kinda Successful

After about 6 loads of logs, a bunch of dirt, and a bunch of sweat, the big double is now a little more doable. We brought the landing back to about 12 feet or so for the take-off. We built a hip to the left of it as well. A couple other jumps here and there and all in all it was a productive weekend.

Hey do you know Greg Norman? If so, thank him for the vicarious help this weekend. He donated a little Toyota 4X4 that made the log moving possible. It's just small enough, capable enough, and scratchable enough to grind down the White Knuckle to the jumps. It was just sitting around in Seattle, not living its full potential, and he gave it to us for just this sort of thing. Thanks Greg!!!!!

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