Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fluidride Cup Race

Don't miss the race this weekend April 4-6 The Fluidride Cup in Port Angeles Wa. featuring Friday shuttle day and practice, Saturday is Dual Slalom and Sunday will be the Downhill race. For more info go to www.fluidride.com and click on FR cup ! See you there !


Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned that was a super kick-A$$ event, thanks to you guys for everything you're doing over there. Look forward to seeing all of you again.



Olympic Dirt Society said...

Thanks Mike nice to hear you had a good time, always a little unsure when it is our first race so always open to suggestions for next race. Hope to see you there !

- Summer

Anonymous said...

Might be nice to see a mechanic or two on the site to provide rider assistance. I had to go back into town for 3 hours to work on some things, which is why I was thinking about it.

HotCells said...

Thanks for the chance to be at your event. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting all the ODS people!

Jump Start Java

glcwhistler said...

The guys at the fluidride tent patched up many different riders bikes. it wasn't a bike shop on the hill but they helped out those in need with what they had.