Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Finally, something new.

Sorry, we haven't kept up on the blog. We will make a renewed effort to keep all current info up here for all to see.

The rider cards are now available and being distributed. $20 gets you a pass to ride anytime someone from the club is riding, which is pretty much every weekend. There is usually trailwork involved as well. Where does this $$ go? In order to keep this thing going, we have to carry an increasingly expensive insurance policy which takes up most, if not all, of the proceeds. In the past, we just covered it ourselves but that has become unsustainable.

The pass will also give you discounts for any events we have, including races, poker runs, and shuttle days.

Thursdays have turned into the unofficial night ride days. This week we will be doing an xc loop up on Dry Hill. We will also be going other places such as the Foothills, the Adventure Trail, Mt. Muller??(better hurry), Dungeness, etc. We will try to post them.

This Sunday, the 11th we will be working on a few trail projects including trying to finish One-Liner. Now that we are riding it, I can't wait to finish it. The start ramp, a bridge on Limbo and a few other things are options as well. It will be raining, so what else are you going to do???

Come back soon.


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bradley22 said...

So how do i get one of these cards?