Wednesday, July 25, 2007

IMBA is coming!

I will post the flyer shortly, but here's a little info.

The IMBA Trail Care Crew is coming to visit Dry Hill August 23-26. Most of the public events are going to be on Saturday and Sunday. The trail project we chose is to extend One-Liner down to the bottom and it will actually merge into the White Knuckle right at the bottom. This will be both a great DH trail and a nice finish to an XC Loop.

We've got a pretty good, and well known DH scene up there, but there is quite a bit of XC as well. We will be focusing our attention on expanding the XC part of the hill for next year, (at least I will). We would really like to get some local XC'ers involved that see the potential we have here as well. A good base of existing trails, great elevation, perfect dirt, very little mud, year round riding, outstanding views in every direction, and oh yeah, landowner cooperation, are a few reasons to focus on this hill.

I could go on and on but I won't.

Keep an eye out for a flyer or go to one of the local shops to pick one up.


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Geoffrey said...

Heya! That was fun, AND productive, but what's on the agenda for the future? I thinks we need some updated postings...